Four women founded GTWT in 1996 as a small after school club for girls in hopes that it would address the lack of gender-specific programming for females in East Los Angeles, where teenage pregnancy and high school dropout rates are unacceptably high.

These dedicated women knew that these girls just needed some guidance from mentors to reach their goals.  As the number of youth participating in the program grew it became a formal project of the Los Angeles Conservation Corps.  In 2005 GTWT decided to form its own 501(c)3 non-profit so that it could fully support the growing program. After years of utilizing space in local community facilities the program purchased its own property , the GTWT Community Empowerment Center located in the heart of Boyle Heights. The organization continues to grow, graduating a new class of alumni each year, and is currently fundraising to complete the renovation of the Community Empowerment Center.

Our Mission

Girls Today Women Tomorrow empowers girls to create their own opportunities for life success through contributing to their community as young leaders guided by mentors dedicated to expanding their horizons.

Our Vision

Girls Today Women Tomorrow will be the preeminent organization that prepares inner-city girls for achievement and leadership. The GTWT Community Empowerment Center will serve as a place for youth, community members, and families to develop the skills they need to build a strong community.

Our pillars

The Girls Today Women Tomorrow program operates on a foundation of 4 pillars:

1) Education

2) Leadership

3) Service

4) Wellness 

Each year more than 200 local girls are served by GTWT, and staff outreach to over 1,500 young ladies through school presentations, resource fairs, and small-group workshops. In 2016, we saw 100% of our seniors graduate from high school and go on to college. in 2017, we are proudly on track to a 100% high school graduation and college enrollment rate once again.

“Without the program, I would have second guessed myself and I wouldn’t be where I am right now. It helped me become confident of myself, network with community leaders, and most of all, taught me to be proud of who I am and where I come from”
— Stephanie Naranjo, College Sophmore
“This program has always been important to me because of the bond I have with GTWT is like a second home and I don’t want to lose that”
— Emily Pedroza, age 15