GTWT Dorm Drive 2018!

It is that time of the year again! Our high school seniors will be going to college in the fall, and we want to make sure that they go fully prepared with all the items that they might need! Which is why we need your help. 

Our dorms drive is in full swing and we need everyone's help to ensure that our senior graduates get the dorm essentials that they need! They need hygienic items, school supplies, and much more! For more details, you can refer to our flyer or contact staff at 

Thank you once again for the support and donations that everyone contributes to the amazing Class of 2018! 


Stop Staring! by Alicia Estrada returns for 17th Annual Fashion Show!

Girls Today Women Tomorrow is proud to announce Stop Staring! by Alicia Estrada clothing line will be back this year as the dress sponsor for our Fashion Show Luncheon on Friday, October 6th, 2017! We are excited that this Latina owned fashion company supports our program and the young women of the Boyle Heights community. Thank you Alicia Estrada! 
#StopStaring #AliciaEstrada #gtwtannualluncheon2017

Library Cards & More!

At our July monthly meeting we welcomed a representative from the Benjamin Franklin Library to the GTWT house! Our girls not only learned how to get a library card, but also discovered the many benefits of utilizing the library's many services and resources. Many thanks to the Benjamin Franklin Branch Library for all that you provide! 

Class of 2017 Grad Party

Our annual graduation party was a success! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our Dorm Drive and made our High School Graduates extremely happy. Thank you to all the volunteers and families who came early to set up and clean up. We are beyond blessed to have such an enormous support system. Pictured are our high school graduates, who will all be attending college in the Fall (and not pictured, are two of our college graduates who continue to amaze us). Thank you to everyone for allowing GTWT to exist. Moments like today, where we get to celebrate the accomplishments of our girls is the reason why we keep going. #Classof2017 #GTWTAlumni #educatedLatinas #readytoconquertheworld

Chat Night: "Toxins and Cosmetics" with Esmeralda Saldana

What toxins are present in everyday products we use? How can we make educated choices about makeup and skincare to protect our health? GTWT's May Chat Night featured guest speaker Esmeralda Saldana, a local leader from Boyle Heights who shared her knowledge about toxic chemicals in beauty products and natural alternatives. The girls spent time getting to know this inspiring woman and were motivated to start reading labels and thinking twice before putting toxic ingredients in their bodies. 

Chat Nights are monthly gathering for GTWT girls to discuss important topics with powerful women from various fields. If you'd like to lead a Chat Night, contact Adriana at for more information.

15th Annual Fashion Show!


Friday October 9th, 2015



President & COO






CSU Northridge, 2015
Mechanical Engineering

Join us as we celebrate another successful year at Girls Today Women Tomorrow with dynamic speakers, an exciting runway show featuring outstanding GTWT participants, a delicious lunch and an exciting silent auction. Proceeds of this inspiring event will directly support crucial GTWT programs and operations, positively impacting the lives of our girls and their families. Thank you for your support!

Become a Mentor!

Girls Today Women Tomorrow Mentor Training

GTWT House: 1927 East 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033
Light Refreshments
Street parking available
RSVP to Perlita Varela at

We are looking for inspiring, enthusiastic female professionals with knowledge and wisdom to share with the next generation of girls! If you are interested in becoming a one-on-one mentor for a GTWT girl, this Summer Mentor Training is your chance to learn more about our program, specific goals and requirements, and to apply to be a mentor! Mentors are a key factor in supporting girls on the pathway to higher self esteem and academic success. Our one-on-one mentors commit to one year of regular contact with their mentee as well as monthly in-person meetings. As a mentor, you will have the privilege of spending time with one of our ambitious teen girls, and the chance to make a positive difference in her life. In the words of one GTWT Mentor:

'What I love the most about mentoring with GTWT is the opportunity to really connect with a young girl and watch both of us grow throughout the experience. I love offering advice and guidance and acting like a big sister. I don't have a sister and now I know what it feels like and it's a very special bond" -Shelly Ulaj, Mentor to Jasmine, Melissa, and Adriana

Qualities we look for in a mentor:
Friendly, positive attitude
Great listener
Flexible and willing to make the effort
Time: available to meet monthly and keep in regular contact

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please attend our upcoming training and learn more about Mentoring at GTWT! 
RSVP to Perlita at

Help Gabby and Rosa Attend UCLA Tech Camp!

Gaby and Rosa have been members of Girls Today Women Tomorrow for two and a half years. The twin sisters first became interested in STEM through their school’s science club at Belvedere Middle School. Over the years their passion for math and science has grown, and now the 15 year old Garfield High School Juniors dream of becoming engineers. One of the components of GTWT is a group mentoring program, where the sisters met successful women engineers actively working and studying in the field and were further inspired to go after their dreams of building airplanes, satellites, and robots. With encouraging words and a side project building robots through the Mini Urban Challenge, Gaby and Rosa were introduced to UCLA's Tech Camp through one of their mentors. Both sisters applied for the competitive program and were accepted for summer 2014 with full tuition scholarships.

This opportunity will help the girls experience a new world, filled with like-minded engineers, education on the history of technology, and hands on experience. Gaby and Rosa are excited to be attending the camp together and credit their family for being supportive of their education. The sisters will be the first in their family to attend college and want their little brother, who also aspires to be an engineer, to have a role model. Currently, the girls have each won a $3,000 scholarship to attend Tech Camp, but do not have enough funds to cover their room and board expenses which come to $5,000 in total. Without the dorm funds, Gaby and Rosa will have to commute via bus, 2 1/2 hours each way to UCLA every day of camp. In their own words, Gaby and Rosa would like to ask for support from the GTWT community:

 "This program will be very beneficial to us because we will see what college life is like, and become more prepared for when we apply to UCLA, our dream college. Attending Tech Camp will be a really great experience to talk about to my little brother and encourage him to try his best to achieve his goals. The point of encouraging my brother is to let him know that anything is possible. My sister and I will be AB540 students once we attend college and this Tech Camp is a great opportunity since we are limited in certain ways because we weren't born in the United States. We were brought to the U.S at age two, which makes it difficult because we don’t get the same opportunities as students born from the U.S.  With the help of our mentors from Girls Today Women Tomorrow we are able to know about the great opportunities that are out there and take advantage of them. By giving just a little contribution to our fundraiser will change the lives of two young girls fighting to achieve their goal. Thank you!"

CLICK HERE to donate to Gaby and Rosa's fundraiser, and please share their story with your friends! These girls are our future leaders!