Help Gabby and Rosa Attend UCLA Tech Camp!

Gaby and Rosa have been members of Girls Today Women Tomorrow for two and a half years. The twin sisters first became interested in STEM through their school’s science club at Belvedere Middle School. Over the years their passion for math and science has grown, and now the 15 year old Garfield High School Juniors dream of becoming engineers. One of the components of GTWT is a group mentoring program, where the sisters met successful women engineers actively working and studying in the field and were further inspired to go after their dreams of building airplanes, satellites, and robots. With encouraging words and a side project building robots through the Mini Urban Challenge, Gaby and Rosa were introduced to UCLA's Tech Camp through one of their mentors. Both sisters applied for the competitive program and were accepted for summer 2014 with full tuition scholarships.

This opportunity will help the girls experience a new world, filled with like-minded engineers, education on the history of technology, and hands on experience. Gaby and Rosa are excited to be attending the camp together and credit their family for being supportive of their education. The sisters will be the first in their family to attend college and want their little brother, who also aspires to be an engineer, to have a role model. Currently, the girls have each won a $3,000 scholarship to attend Tech Camp, but do not have enough funds to cover their room and board expenses which come to $5,000 in total. Without the dorm funds, Gaby and Rosa will have to commute via bus, 2 1/2 hours each way to UCLA every day of camp. In their own words, Gaby and Rosa would like to ask for support from the GTWT community:

 "This program will be very beneficial to us because we will see what college life is like, and become more prepared for when we apply to UCLA, our dream college. Attending Tech Camp will be a really great experience to talk about to my little brother and encourage him to try his best to achieve his goals. The point of encouraging my brother is to let him know that anything is possible. My sister and I will be AB540 students once we attend college and this Tech Camp is a great opportunity since we are limited in certain ways because we weren't born in the United States. We were brought to the U.S at age two, which makes it difficult because we don’t get the same opportunities as students born from the U.S.  With the help of our mentors from Girls Today Women Tomorrow we are able to know about the great opportunities that are out there and take advantage of them. By giving just a little contribution to our fundraiser will change the lives of two young girls fighting to achieve their goal. Thank you!"

CLICK HERE to donate to Gaby and Rosa's fundraiser, and please share their story with your friends! These girls are our future leaders!